Let’s yarn about helping a friend or family member who has a drug problem (3 part series)

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Are you concerned that your friend might be using drugs? Has your cousin or another family member been behaving differently lately? If you think someone might be using drugs, it can be hard to know what to do. 

This 3-part series gives you tips for supporting them and talking to them. 

Click each of the icons or text below to work through the 3-part series. 

Part 1: Before having a conversation

Part 2: How to start a conversation

Part 3: How to continue supporting your friend or family member

Evidence Base

This factsheet was developed following expert review by researchers at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney, the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, and Gilimbaa Indigenous Creative Design Agency (2018).

Positive Choices artwork by Jenna Lee (Larrakia artist, Gilimbaa).

Page last reviewed: 24/07/2024

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