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Do the benefits of school-based alcohol/drug prevention programs continue beyond school and into adulthood?

Learn about the long-term effectiveness of school-based alcohol and other drug prevention programs

The environmental impacts of e-cigarettes/vaping explained

More young Australians are using e-cigarettes. Find out about the environmental impacts of these devices.

The ‘Sober Curious’ movement: why more young people are choosing not to drink alcohol

Young Australians are drinking less. Find out possible reasons why, and how teachers and parents can provide support.

Introducing Learning with FASD: Evidence-based resources on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder for teaching and support staff

Learning with FASD assists educators to understand and support children with FASD in Australian schools.

Are your teenager's friends influencing them to drink?

Friendships play an important role in teenager’s lives. Read tips on helping your child foster positive friendships.

How can we help young people who experience anxiety and drink to cope?

Inroads is a program designed to help young people think about their alcohol use and overcome anxiety.

Preventing youth mental ill-health through a new school-based program

The successful alcohol and drug prevention program, Climate Schools, now includes a mental health module.

Australia’s updated alcohol guidelines explained

Find out what the revised alcohol guidelines mean & why youth should delay alcohol consumption for as long as possible.

Research recap: how does social media affect drug use in teens?

As teenagers spend more time online, how does this affect their drug use? Find out what the latest research says.

What does the latest Australian data say about young people’s alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use?

Young Australians are having their first drink later in adolescence, but more are using e-cigarettes. Read more.

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Alcohol is safe for teenagers under 18 provided they don’t drink more than 4 drinks on one occasion.


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