Searching by User Type

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This video explains how searching based on user types works on the Positive Choices site.

  • The three types of users identified
  • Switching between users

Duration: 1:12

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Positive Choices video guides: Searching by user types How to search by user types on Positive Choices

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Video Transcript

You can search resources based on user groups. Positive Choices provides information aimed at three identified user groups: teachers, parents and students.

Searching by these user groups is one way to sort and filter resources to see those that are most relevant to you.

The search feature assumes you are looking for teacher-related resources.

You can change your target group at any time. Simply go to the search bar at the top. Click on the drop down arrow, select your target group (for example, "parent"), enter your search terms, and then press "enter" or click on the search icon.

You'll also see the search bar change colour based on which user group you've selected.

You can also switch between user groups within the search results. Simply locate the "User Options here", and click to switch to ‘Parent’ or ‘Student’.

Combine this with using the search filters, and you have a powerful tool at hand.

Good luck, and happy searching.