Positive Choices Template for School Newsletters

This page provides information on how to promote the Positive Choices Parent Booklet in your school newsletter.

Use this copy to promote the Positive Choices Parent Booklet:


Positive Choices is an online portal which provides accurate, up-to-date drug education information and recommends prevention programs to support school communities in Australia. The portal provides free drug information booklets for teachers, parents and students. These booklets include:


- Evidence-based information about illegal drugs, their use and effects;

- Guidance about how to talk to a young person about illegal drugs, and ways that parents can protect against drug use and related harms;

- Information about how to help someone who has taken an illegal drug.


You can order hard copy of the booklets at positivechoices.org.au/order/booklet, shipping is free within Australia. You can view the digital version here: positivechoices.org.au/teachers/drug-education-parent-booklet


The image below can be downloaded and used for distribution to your networks, including newsletters and social media posts:

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