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Your Brain on LSD and Acid


ASAP Science:

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown; Written by: Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit, & Gregory Brown; Illustrated: by: Max Simmons; Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot


This video introduces LSD and explains the effect of the drug on the brain and body. It explains the neurochemical processes behind the experience of hallucinations and other effects of the drug. The video gives a brief history of LSD and addresses research findings on the drug.


  • Knowledge of the neurochemical effects of LSD, and what happens in the brain and body when the drug is taken
  • Critical thinking about the research on LSD

Evidence Base

Expert Review*:

This video is an engaging way for students to learn about LSD and how it affects the brain and body. The video references multiple academic papers and cites research to support the information provided in the video. The video provides a balanced view of LSD, to inform students and empower them to make their own decisions.

* Review provided by researchers at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney.

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