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Below you will find a list of useful drug education resources. You can filter these according to your needs using the filters on the left hand side. See Getting Started for more information about how to use this site.

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Botvin logo

Botvin Life Skills Training program

Skills for navigating challenging situations.

Year: Year 3–4, Year 5–6, Year 7–8, Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Alcohol and Cannabis Module

Decision-making and Problem-solving: Class Activity

Students learn to make decisions and solve problem

Year: Year 7–8, Year 9–10
Teaching CPR

Helping someone who has taken an illegal drug

Be prepared for the unpredictable nature of drugs: Learn what to look for and how to help in a drug-related emergency.

parenting strategies logo

Parenting Strategies: Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Misuse

Guidelines & interactive parenting program to help parents prevent alcohol problems in young people.

Screenshot from video of the impact of alcohol on the brain

The Low Down on Alcohol

A pop-art style video about the short- and long-term effects of alcohol.

Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12
social media

Webinar: Social media, alcohol use and parent monitoring across adolescence

This webinar focuses on the relationship between social media and alcohol use, and how parents can protect their teen.

The dangers of smoking

Choices for Life: Liam's Story

Liam, a promising swimmer, is pressured to smoke.

Year: Year 5–6
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