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Below you will find a list of useful drug education resources. You can filter these according to your needs using the filters on the left hand side. See Getting Started for more information about how to use this site.

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Resilient Families logo

Resilient Families Program

Combined school-based and family intervention.


SHAHRP: School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project

Classroom program focused on helping students develop skills to reduce alcohol-related harms.

eCheckup to Go

eCheckup To Go

Online tool that provides assessment and personalised feedback about patterns of use and risk.

Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Exploring teens

Project Towards No Drug Abuse (Project TND)

Interactive drug prevention program on improving coping skills, decision-making and motivation.

Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Don't Make Smokes Your Story

Don't Make Smokes Your Story

A collection of real stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the effects of smoking.

Year: Year 7–8, Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Positive school environment

How teachers can guide students against drug and alcohol related harms

Foster a positive & protective school environment.

2 youth looking out into rural landscape

Preventing alcohol and other drug harms among rural young people

This factsheet provides advice for school staff around reducing harm from alcohol and other drug use in rural areas.

Alcohol Module

Recovery Position Role Play: Class Activity

Learning to put someone in the recovery position.

Year: Year 7–8, Year 9–10
parenting, teens, and alcohol

Webinar: Parenting, teens, and alcohol

This webinar provides information for parents about navigating the topic of alcohol with your teenager.

The dangers of smoking

Choices for Life: Liam's Story

Liam, a promising swimmer, is pressured to smoke.

Year: Year 5–6
Scott's Story - Drugs

Choices for Life: Scott's Story

Explores how cannabis use gradually affects several aspects of Scott’s life.

Year: Year 9–10
The dangers of binge drinking

Choices for Life: Sophie's Story

This video explores the consequences of binge drinking at a teenage party.

Year: Year 7–8
Drug Facts 4 Young People logo

Drug Facts For Young People

This comic-book style app focuses on the decision-making process involved when confronted with drugs and alcohol.

Year: Year 5–6, Year 7–8
The Illicit Project brain logo

The Illicit Project: Trial Opportunity

Online based prevention program for older adolescents. Currently recruiting schools for its trial.

Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12
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