This resource is supported by one published study.

Resource Overview

Time Allocated

1-6 lessons





Brain Train 4 Kids

screenshot of gameplay


Year: Year 3–4, Year 5–6


Developed by Clinical Tools, Inc. with funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


BrainTrain4Kids is an interactive game geared towards introducing students to the human brain and how it can be affected by drugs. It does this by introducing students to scientific inquiry and advocating the scientific method. It includes games, quizzes, role play as well as printable materials.

The game is organised into six 'stations', which focus on scientific inquiry, brain function, the nervous system, drugs, smoking, and how to stay healthy. Each station is divided into four buildings: the first introduces the concepts, the second and third are educational lessons and the last uses games, quizzes and printable materials to consolidate learning. 


The game involves 6 stages, each building on the previous and taking approximately 15 minutes.

Expected Benefits

  • Increased general knowledge of drug(s) and their impact on the brain
  • Increases adaptive drug-related attitudes.

Evidence Base

Benefits associated with playing Brain Train 4 kids have been evaluated in one published study (see below). The benefits have not yet been evaluated in an Australian sample. 

Metcalf, M. P. (2013). Assessment of an Interactive Internet Program to Educate Children Aged 7-9 about Science, the Brain and Drugs. Creative Education, 4, 683. 

Brain Train 4 Kids is included in SAMSHA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (USA).