Drug Scene Investigators

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This resource is supported by one published study.


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In Depth Learning


Students conduct scientific inquiry in simulated real-life situations to solve drug-related mysteries. Players are encouraged to collect evidence from witnesses, crime scenes and laboratory experiments to support/disprove various hypotheses.

Watch this introductory video for more information. 

Training & Costs

For information about costs to access this resource, see website for details.  


3 × 30-minute episodes.

Expected Benefits

  • Increased general knowledge of drug(s)
  • Increased knowledge of drug-related effects and harms.

Evidence Base

Benefits associated with playing Drug Scene Investigators have been evaluated in one published study (see below). The benefits have not yet been evaluated in an Australian sample. 

Midgley, A. R., Kleinsmith, L. J., Howell, P. D., Huneke, B. H., & Lee, K. M. (2010). Teaching the Essence of Science with a Game? Michigan Science Teachers Association, 55, 56-63. 

Page last reviewed: 6/06/2023

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