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Teen Drinking Law

  • Teen Drinking Law


Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Targeted Drugs:




The Teen Drinking Law app was created to educate adults and young people about new Victorian laws that make it illegal to serve alcohol to under-18s at home without their parent’s permission. It also provides information about risks and decisions associated with under-age drinking.


  • Increased familiarity with Victorian supply laws
  • Increased awareness of short and long term consequences of under-age drinking.

Evidence Base

Expert Review*:

This app carries a broad appeal to both adults and young people. The app can be broadly broken up into two parts. The legal sections provides parents and teenagers with information about the sale, service and supply of alcohol to minors both in and out of the home that is specific to Victoria, Australia. The information section provides harms specific to different fictional cartoon characters, each of whom has different drinking profile. This section would appeal to students as it acknowledges social pressures to drink and non-sensationalist short- and long-term consequences of doing so. 

 *Review provided by researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.