The Reconstructors: Uncommon Scents

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Targeted Drugs:

This resource is supported by one published study.

Year 7–8, Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Time Allocated

1-6 lessons





Content Especially Suited For

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse


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Rice University Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning, USA. 


Players help solve drug-related mysteries by gathering evidence, interpreting data, conducting experiments and consulting with experts. Players learn about how inhalants affect the body so that they can make informed choices when encountering inhalants and toxic vapours.


3 × 30–45-minute episodes.

Extensive supplementary classroom activities available here.

Expected Benefits

  • Increased general knowledge of drug(s)
  • Increased knowledge of drug-related effects and harms.

Evidence Base

Benefits associated with playing N-Squad have been evaluated in one published study (see below). The benefits have not yet been evaluated in an Australian sample. 

Klisch, Y., Miller, L. M., Wang, S., & Epstein, J. (2012). The Impact of a Science Education Game on Students' Learning and Perception of Inhalants as Body Pollutants. J Sci Educ Technol, 21, 295-303.

Page last reviewed: 12/08/2022

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