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Inhalants resources for Students

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Below you will find a list of useful drug education resources. You can filter these according to your needs using the filters on the left hand side. See Getting Started for more information about how to use this site.

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The Reconstructors: Uncommon Scents

Help solve drug-related crimes by gathering evidence and interpreting data, while learning how inhalants affect the body

Year: Year 7–8, Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Drug Education Booklets

Drug Education: Student Booklet

Get the facts about illegal drugs.

Year: Year 9–10, Year 11–12

Inhalants: Factsheet

Learn about the effects and risks of inhalants: substances that are sniffed or breathed in through the nose or mouth.

Sniffing Story

Sniffing Story

Follow four friends who experiment with petrol sniffing, and how having a yarn with the sniffing nurse can help.

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