Growmup piknini blo yu po be strong: ol deadly activities yur pamle ken mekem tigeda - Torres Strait Islander Creole

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Main messazes blo diswan e:

Growmup piknini blo yu po be strong: ol deadly activities yur pamle ken mekem tigeda

Yumpla ol parent, carer or pamle memba e pass tisa’s blo ol piknini ane da most important.

Research e spik demkain, ip ol piknini e growmup wei gud environment or wei ol gud role models en zoin in wei ol cultural activity en plei sports, den dempla probably no go wande uzey drugs ane alcohol.

Po trai lan yur piknini rait wei ane stapi dempla prom uzey drugs ane alcohol yu ken meke dem actibities ya:

Lego ol actibities tigeda

Yu should sabe, ip yu hang raun ol teenaze piknini blo yu den yutu go meke gud relationship.E ken be ard po spen taim wen yu buzy, but E mina important because E go elpe protect dempla prom uzey alcohol ane drugs.

Wen yu go meke taim po spend wei yur piknini yu nor hab tu meke something big, yu ken mekeh something smol wei dempla olsem:

  Sidown po yan ane kai kai tigeda.

  Meke ol actibities wei dempla orse, plei footy, go wakbaut tigeda, meke ol art wark, yan stories or plei ol games.

  Yu ken lan dempla abaut culture, wiskain po play music or tisi dempla wiskain po kukeh kai kai. Demwan go elpe po build-ap confidence blo dempla.

Activities weh Komyunity

E gor be mo laikly dat dem young piknini uda tek part wei ol komyunity actibities no go gad ol alcohol ane drug problems den dem young pipol uda no zoin in.  E mait gad ol gud actibities yur piknini ken go po wei community blo yu.

Actibities ol gad der wei komyunity ane Australia e:

  Ol sports olsem; midnight basketball, football, soccer, netball, cricket, swimming, or dancing. E gud po go zoin in wei dem sport, or yu ken cusa go watch.

  Oseh mubi wei cinemas

  Kai kai wei barbecue or picnic.

  Go pisin, hunting or go camping.

Ip e no gad demkain activities wei komyunity blo yu, yu ken akse ol pipol po trai organise em. Yu ken akse ol youth warker, teachers, nuda parents, ol elders, da local Council or dem young wans ken mekem.

E gad ol organisation uda ken elpe wei money po meke dem actibities po dempla, olsem Midnight Basketball Australia or Australian Drug Foundation through dempla Local Drug Action Team program.

Cultural Activities

Mepla sabe diskain culture e mina important en eben research e spik demkain tu. Research e spik wen ol piknini e lan abaut dempla culture en langgus, e elpe dempla grow klostun po dempla background so ol no go lukraun alcohol ane drugs. Wen ol go gad gud connection wei dempla culture e meke dempla pil gud ane dempla go pil strong wen ol e tigeda ane go meke dempla pil confident.

So ip yu parent blo wan piknini or carer, pamle or eben Komyunity memba encourage ol teenazer po connect wei culture blo dempla. E gor elpe dempla po growmup po be strong Aboriginal ane Torres Strait Ailan marn or orman.

Yu ken mek olkain ting po lan dempla abaut culture olsem:

  Tok po your piknini eberytaim en yan ol stories

 Lan dempla po connect wei Ailan Komyunity blo dempla, olsem; teke dempla go bush, lan dempla abaut traditional plants ane medicine or yu ken teke dempla go hunting or sake lain.

  Lan dempla abaut ol cultural wei’s, olsem, ceremonies, traditional dancing, stories en history blo dempla.

  Meke traditional arts ane crafts wei dempla, olsem, painting, weaving or meke jewellery.

  Ip yu sabe tok langgus, lan dempla wiskain po tok ane tok langgus po dempla as much as yu ken.

Positive Choices artwork by Jenna Lee (Larrakia artist, Gilimbaa).

Page last reviewed: 26/02/2024

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