Energy Drinks

energy drinks
Targeted Drugs:

This resource has undergone expert review.

Year 9–10, Year 11–12
Time Allocated

Partial lesson (under 45mins)






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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


This 15-minute video from the ABC's Catalyst program begins with a real-life story of a teenager's death after consuming pre-mixed alcohol and energy drinks. The video then investigates what is an energy drink, and what happens to people's bodies when they consume energy drinks. Medical experts are interviewed on the topic, as well as a representative from the Australian Beverages Council.

Expected Benefits

  • Understanding of the dangers of energy drinks.
  • Knowledge of the interaction between pre-existing medical conditions and energy drinks.

Evidence Base

Expert review*:

This video was produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and received input from medical professionals. It has a high production quality and its longer length (15 minutes) allows students to gain a deeper insight into the effects of energy drinks and consider the potential dangers they pose to young people. The video also examines the belief that energy drinks increase performance, and provides results from scientific studies that may encourage students to question this belief.

*Review provided by researchers at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney.

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