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Choices: Applied Theatre project

Choices Applied Theatre Project to prepare students for schoolies


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Please note the Choices program is currently limited to some parts of Queensland. In 2014 the Choices tour included Mackay, Proserpine, Bowen, Ayr, Townsville, Ingham, Abergowie, Atherton, Tully, Innisfail, Mareeba and Malanda.

Year: Year 11–12
Targeted Drugs: ,


Central Queensland University.


The program involves:
  • 50-minute theatre program within the school
  • A 20-minute interactive forum.


Choices is an applied theatre project that has been on tour for over 15 years. The program arose out of a demand for an effective vehicle to deliver health, safety and legal messages before students embark on Schoolies celebrations. The program has been designed as an adjunct to school drug education programs as it specifically covers key safety and legal messages around alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity. The program is targeted towards young people aged 17-18, who are involved in the production of a music theatre involving comic skits, song and dance. 

Expected Benefits

  • Reduced illicit drug use
  • Reduced problem behaviours (e.g., driving under the influence, arguments).

Evidence Base

One study has evaluated the benefits of Choices using a convenience sample. This method is not as rigorous as a randomised controlled trial, which is the gold standard for evaluating the benefits of an intervention. However these preliminary results are promising.

Quek, L. H., White, A., Low, C., Brown, J., Dalton, N., Dow, D., & Connor, J. P. (2012). Good choices, great future: An applied theatre prevention program to reduce alcohol-related risky behaviours during Schoolies. Drug and alcohol review, 31, 897-902.

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