Webinar: 'Risk taking' - why do teens do the things they do? What can parents do to keep them as safe as possible?

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Paul Dillon, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA)


1 hour webinar recording and handout, available on demand.


This webinar is for parents and guardians who are looking for information on teens and risk taking as well as practical strategies and tips for when it comes to sleepovers, parties, and gatherings.

This webinar will also include time for a Q&A where you can ask any question you may have on this topic.


This webinar will provide:

  • Information on what risk taking and teenage rebellion is.
  • Research around why teens are more likely to take risks.
  • Practical parenting tips around risk taking and alcohol and other drugs.

Evidence Base

This webinar was developed by Mr Paul Dillon at Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA). It was informed by a review of research evidence on this topic.

(Webinar conducted on 19/10/21)

Page last reviewed: 4/09/2023

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