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Psychostimulants Quiz: Class Activity

OurFutures: Cannabis & psychostimulants

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Previously known as Climate Schools, OurFutures was developed by researchers based at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney, Australia. See the OurFutures website for more information.


Small group quiz.



The aim of this task is to increase students’ knowledge about psychostimulants.

Explain to the students that they will be doing a quiz in groups. Allow the students approximately 15 minutes to read over the student summary information to prepare for the quiz.

Setting up the quiz:
  • Divide the class into groups of 5.
  • Ask each group to assign one member to be the ‘quiz master’. The other 4 members of the group should divide into pairs who will compete against one another in the quiz.
  • Give each quiz master a copy of the ‘Psychostimulants Quiz Answers’
  • Give each pair a 'Psychostimulants Quiz'.
  • Ask the pairs to answer the questions by filling in the sheet.
  • The quiz master can check their answers to determine which pair wins.


  • Increased knowledge about psychostimulants and associated harms.

Evidence Base

Secondary teachers reviewed this and other activities from the OurFutures: Psychostimulant & Cannabis Module, with 80% rating these activities as good or very good. This particular activity was among the most popular activities selected for implementation by teachers.

The benefits of implementing individual activities from OurFutures has not been examined. The benefits of implementing the entire 6 session OurFutures program has been supported by multiple research studies, see OurFutures: Cannabis & Psychostimulant Module.

Page last reviewed: 28/09/2023

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